Have the Glory (I Want to Be the Good Soil)

I want to be the good soil
That Your Word falls into
I want to be the good soil
Bearing 30, 60, 100 times more fruit

If I choose to die
Then I find real life
Cause I’m crucified
With the living Christ

Let my manner of living be a witness that Your alive (4X)
In my life would You have the Glory (4X)

(Chorus Leader Adds this)
The only way I look like you in the living is to choose the dying, I choose the dying
If the fruit’s gonna come from my life
Then I know that its gonna come when I die to myself
Now I lay me down to sleep
Now its time to die to me

My mind was made to think about you
My eyes were made to gaze upon you
My heart was made to love & adore you
My mouth was made to give you the glory


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