62. God Soaked Life: Discovering Kingdom Spirituality by Chris Webb

I liked a lot about this book. I loved his writing. I loved his way of making Kingdom living more accessible for everyone. The books starts out pretty strong, but I think it sort of peters out at the end. I liked 75% of the book though, but if you really want a good treatise on Kingdom Spirituality, I would suggest reading The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. He fleshes out these concepts much better, but The Divine Conspiracy is a much more difficult book to get through. This book is a "Kingdom Light" introduction, but, in my humble opinion, Dallas says it much better. I think if you want an introduction to Kingdom Spirituality a book by John Ortberg is a better one.

I REALLY disagreed with his conclusions in "The Great Commission" chapter. He quotes some "hugely influential Dutch statesman and church founder" who makes a comment about the Great Commission. I have been in missions circles for 40 years. I have never heard of this "hugely influential" guy, but Webb builds a SLAM on the whole missions enterprise based on this one guy's statement. This Dutch statesman is not representative of what I see in missions today. This was on 136 of 184 pages. SO it was probably why I had a hard time with the rest of the book. 

All that said,  I discussed the first part of the book with two other ladies, and it was a rich discussion. I believe we can live the abundant life here and now, and I love being with others who want to embrace Kingdom living. This book will help that. Just talk to me after you read "The Great Commission" chapter because I think the author does not get it!


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