Facebook Fast

My church is having a "Prayer and Fasting Week." After I am done teaching my classes until Wednesday night, I will actually fast from food, but since last night, I have been fasting from Facebook. So, I am going to log here when I had the thought to post, and what it was that I was going to post.

Jan 23 1:34 pm. Wanted to post how great it felt to do Pilates at OSU today.

(By the way, I WILL make one exception during the fast to post A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 25 YEAR OLD SON!)

Jan 24 6:22 am. Was tempted to "check in" because it is part of my morning routine. Wanted to post my chapters in Genesis, but I am not even doing that. Natural inclination on my part to pass on what I am learning, especially from God. I know I would go on and get bombarded with news that is junk though. SO tired of the negativity. By the way, one of my Pilates students told me how to turn off the news on my iPhone. I am so happy about that. I also turned it off on start up page. Chrome never had news, but Edge gave it to me without asking. I had tried to turn it off before, but I did not do it for my "start up" page. (I wish I could go back to Chrome, but this whole computer does work better with Edge, and they don't bombard me telling me that I should use Edge.)

Jan 25 5:30 am - I wanted to post something nice about George. I cannot remember what it was, but it wasn't that big a deal to not post it. I am not missing Facebook one bit. Sad to say. I wish it would go back to how it was in the beginning. It was more social. Now it is too political.

Jan 26 7 am - Rereading Divine Conspiracy and wanted to post about how much I have grown to love this book. :) YUMMY READING!

(Finding after four days that I am in no way missing any of the negativity and STUPID NEWS that keeps clogging up my newsfeed on Facebook - I do not know how to turn off the news that keeps on popping up.)

Jan 26 1:40 I took the most gorgeous picture of the sun shining down on the Crescent Valley and wanted to post it. I suppose I could just post those things to Instagram which tends to be more positive on my feed and not laden with bummer news.

Jan 26 evening - there was something, but I cannot remember. I thought, "I should share this." Then I remembered that I am on a Facebook fast! :)

Jan 28 morning - I wanted to post "Happy Birthday Pride and Prejudice" and the funny "rap." I was really tempted to do it.

I had a friend write me asking me about my Facebook fast because of politics, but I don't remember writing that I was taking it because of the politics. I did it because of my week of prayer and fasting that my church embarked on. I knew I would not be able to food fast until Thursdays because of teaching physical activity classes. So I wanted to do something, and this has confirmed that I am not addicted. I like to use Facebook to connect positively with people. I did mention politics and negativity in this post, but that was not my motivation for the fast. It has been a side-benefit though.


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