Travelogue: Day 9 - Worcester Cathedral to Avebury Stones

Sunday, July 25: Worcester Cathedral to Avebury Stones

We ate breakfast at 7:30 am, served by the same guy who rented us the cycles. We were out and on the road by 8 am and traveled to Worcester to see the photograph that is part of the King John and the Magna Carta Exhibit. We had a bit of a problem figuring out our first "Pay and Display" parking lot, but a nice lady helped us. We didn't have a ton of coins (Note for travelers by car - make sure you have plenty of coins handy for this and always have your GPS or Google Maps go to the car park nearest your venue. You can never go directly to ANY venue unless it is a super small village.), but it was enough for a trip to the walk along the River Severn before the cathedral opened. Lovely! 

I really loved this cathedral. WOW! Vergers were so helpful and love to tell you a long story. We noticed they almost acts surprised when you want to know more. Then they get really excited and talk on and on about their subject. Very cute and a great way to get to know the locals! 

We went directly to our picture, and the verger said that I didn't have to pay the three pound photography fee! (Entry is free unless you want to take pictures there, but most abbeys and cathedrals charge and entry fee to view them.) I showed the verger my picture, and he was impressed. It is a very nice exhibition. I will try to embed the video here:

It is much nicer than I thought it would be! We had thought we would go on the 11 am "Turn up Tour," but the vergers were so informative we decided to do it ourselves. We were the first ones up to the Tower (built in 1374) and even got a "certificate" that said we completed the 235 steps to a beautiful view at the top. We were all alone up there for a while too! 

There was a one-way section of stairs at the very top. So we had to wait for people to come up before we could go down. It seemed like it was taking a very long time, but that was because the young man in the lead was blind! How admirable to climb all that way.

After this, the nice people in the cafe fixed us cream tea with scones to go, and we were on our way. the roads down to Avebury were wide and easy -- so much better than the ones that go through the Cotswold villages where people park their cars on the street, and there is not enough room for two way traffic! (1.2 miles around Worcester and up the Tower) 

We stopped off in the Cotswolds Water Park and took a little walk along one of the lakes formed from old rock quarries. We even went to the water ski place, but they were fully booked. Oh well!

After this, we made our way to the Avebury Stones where we spent the night in The Lodge Pelmet Room right in the middle of the stone circle. We came two hours too early, but she was home and let us check in early. 

Wow! Double Wow! This might be our favorite day. We spent from 3 pm to sunset hiking around the stones, "The Avenue," West Kennett Long Barrow (Neolithic tomb), and Silbury Hill. the light was superb for taking pictures and the light cast such wonderful shadows from the stones as the sun broke through the clouds! There were many people, but we had the West Kennett Long Barrow and Silbury Hill timed to make it there when the tour bus people were coming down the hill, away from it. We had them all to ourselves! 

There were hippy pagan worshippers singing high pitched songs with one woman dancing through the middle of the circle of held hands. 

We topped the evening off with "Pub Grub" at The Read Lion right next door to our B & B. Our table was a medieval well that the pub was built around. I had traditional "Sausage and Mash" and George had Steak and Ale Pie. 

We retired to our comfy "Pelmet Room" over looking the Neolithic Stones. What a great day! We took over 23,000 steps. (4.3 miles plus a two times around the Stone Circle that I cannot seem to plot on Google Maps) 

4.3 + 1.2 + probably about 2 miles around the stones = 7.5 miles

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