Prayerful Review of Monday and Tuesday of Week 4

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

  • Sweet, sweet time of prayer for the "Turkestan" with my Kingdom Community
  • Prayer led by Jamie for the "Night to Shine"
  • Three great Pilates classes on Monday.
  • Being active all day on Monday
  • Time in Genesis
  • Talking about Honor and Shame and the 10 Commandments with Kingdom Community
  • Prayer walk up to Coronado and Aztec
  • Text from Kim when I was just thinking about her
  • Celebrating Michael's birthday with just our family
  • Hearing all the interactions my Kingdom Community is having
  • Riding my bike to and from OSU on Monday
  • Facebook fast - It may be longer than this week
  • A pleasant interaction with someone I have had to pull back from due to it being "deadening" for me. I felt like it was good to have this limited interaction.

What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan:
  • When one member of the body suffers, we all suffer. Devastated by sin of a member of the body.
  • Too much sitting on Tuesday and too many people - I could feel the energy drain from me as I sat for my fourth hour in the second meeting of the day. Also, complaining of others does drain me, and that was happening with this new acquaintance.
Ways to show my love for God and others this week:

Pray and fast starting Wednesday night for Thursday morning meeting (may be tough conversation), and Friday midday mosque visit (this probably will not be tough but want to show love to our Muslim neighbors). Be a listener.

Follow up: Tuesday night meeting was good. Heart prepared for the bad news. I loved my son on his 25th birthday (not hard to do). :)
Gifts God has given not already covered in feeling alive:
  • A thriving ministry and life as exemplified on Monday and Tuesday.
I love doing this because I see that I really am most alive when I am praying and even praying with others has been a delightful addition to my life these days. I have been more intentional about trying to pray with another person at least daily. That has been fun and life-giving. I want to be involved in those things are life-giving to myself and others.

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