Today is a Blur Freewrite

When I am uncomfortable, it is hard for me to focus, and I am still uncomfortable with my back. This is a "two appointment" back issue, and I am kicking myself for having lifted the heavier weight for my hamstrings.

Badly done, Carol!
Badly done!

So, I have tried to get better by heat and massage from George and a walk that was cut short because it made it worse.


Now, I am looking at homes in Hillsboro, OR because we might move there someday, but should we knowing that we might move into the house in Newberg, OR someday?

We can take our time to make the decision.

George learned something. One of the job offers that was temporary but might have been stretched out to two years was going to, for sure, only be six months. We would have been under the same incredible stress we have been in since December. The inside person who told us this felt it would be a conflict of interest to tell George (they are personal friends), but that person felt it was fine once he turned down the temporary position. That person was so relieved to learn that George turned it down! This goes along with my feeling that the morale there is VERY LOW and people are leaving right and left. If they wanted George, they could MAN UP and hire him permanently!

The company he will be working for does not have people leaving right and left. People tend to stay there, and they are so excited to have him!

I am so happy. When I did the taxes this year, I realized that our situation was getting more and more dire. We would have never starved, and there are people in MUCH more dire straights than us, but it is nice to not have to think through the "what if" when he would be dropped to below part time by July and we would have to pay for insurance out of pocket.

This is a much better situation, and I am grateful.

I am also grateful to have pressed the button on both the federal and state taxes. It cost me extra to send the state electronically, but I just had to have it over with. What a stupidly stressful journey that was! TurboTax has lost my business forever (just like United Airlines did last year). I am going to a tax person next year. No denying it.

I told George I want to go on a relaxing non-stressful date to celebrate these new reliefs.

I am going to bed and waiting for my 4 pm chiropractic appointment. I feel very useless today because of the pain, and I am so behind in a few things because of that, processing this job change, and taxes.
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