Monday Goals

Goals for Today:

1) Write at least four hours for the Bible Book Club finishing Colossians 1:15-29 and Colossians 2 posts. (Wrote four hours but only made it to Colossians 1:23!)

2) Burn up to 2400 calories and have my low calorie consumptions day (two per week to maintain current weight - Did I state here that I got third place in the SNAP Fitness weight loss challenge and get a month of free membership, T-Shirt, and a water bottle?). Do this by walk with Leslie and cardio on my own. (YES! walked and weights today)

3) Finish Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot and read another ITC book like Treatise on Religious Affections for one hour. (YES! Also wrote two reviews.)

4) Meet with Leslie for two hours. (We postponed)

5) Set up meeting with Jennifer.

6) Rent car (Yes!)

7) Write Terri and Brian for our tentative So Cal schedule (Called Terri and emailed Brian)

I was sad today, but the workout helped.

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