Tax Can Be a Pain, but Then Again . . .

Technically, I finished last Monday at 11:22 pm, but I realized another tax credit that I could take advantage of when I compared our taxes from last year to this year. This will be the LAST year we can possibly take that credit. So, I put in the extra hours to investigate how to take full advantage. It involved some calculations, and I mistakenly started scheduling appointments with women this last week thinking my taxes would be done. I had to do all the figuring with little bits of time here and there and did not have a chunk until Friday afternoon.

Then, I thought I would press the button after that last thing, but the investment services of one of the two financial institutions we needed to make deposits to closed an hour before the rest of the institution.  So, we missed it by a few minutes. (The operator on the phone misinformed me, but I didn't specify which part I needed to go to.) But the reason why we were late was George got out of class and forgot he had to set up one of his students for taking a late final. Then, as he was getting home, I realized that there was yet another glitch with one of the IRA's he inherited! (Quite by accident as I do not handle that but will now since I notice some things that were overlooked.)

Note to self: Convert all your traditional IRA's to ROTH IRA's for the sanity of your children who may inherit them! 

George's dad did not do this, and George was misinformed as to the procedure following his death. I caught the mistake as I was investigating why we did not have to report on one of them on our tax form. We got it all straightened out, but it left us just a little window of time to get to the two institutions. Thus why I do my taxes late enough to keep my money as long as possible before I pay but not so late that I cannot catch all the little glitches (and headaches) that inheriting George's dad's money has done (and having a two home businesses, college saving plan, too many different types of 1099's, etc.)

My mom's money was not tied to any IRA's. So, it has caused me ZERO financial headaches. In addition, she had all her money in ONE place. George's dad had his in four different places. HEADACHE! 

But then again, the bottom line is that we are so thankful that we had parents that thought about their children and grandchildren. So, I cannot complain. Some people do not have the headache of inheritance because their parents did not leave them any or very little!

So, I didn't get to push the button and have to wait until after 9 am on Monday to do so. That is OK. 

Monday cannot come soon enough. I am going to go out and celebrate afterwards!
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