Chai Tea Free Write

I have the timer on for seven minutes while my chai tea boils every morning, but I never thought to let this be my free write time. That is half the time I usually do, but that is OK because I have done a couple of free writes already this week.

George was so sweet. He helped me organize all the financial papers last night. How romantic to spend from dinner until 9 pm sorting through all those papers. It was good. I am usually so exhausted from handling the taxes that I just dumb them in a drawer and do not cull old papers. We are doing that now. I know we should go paperless, but I like getting a written statement every month. George says he does not mind doing that. So, I am thinking of handing that over to him. He is better at keeping track of investments and passwords than I am.  

We also want to consolidate some of our investments with one company. We have some that do really well and others (usually through banks) that do really poorly. So, I think we are going to roll those babies over. I am talking like I know what I am talking about, and I don't.

Done with the financial stuff (I only think about them when I have to pay taxes on some of our investments and then forget about them the rest of the year - GRR. Never dream of spending them, but we are thinking of doing that for our 25 wedding anniversary - we looked at Viking River Cruise videos yesterday afternoon after I was done with my writing for the day).

Speaking of writing, I spent most of the week in Ephesians 1! I love that chapter more than you will every know. Stay tuned for the post that will come out on July 1st at! I love that chapter, and I lingered long over the "Top Ten Blessings" we have in Christ.

Eat your heart out David Letterman.

Chai tea is calling. No proofreading. Sorry. Bye. 
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