Freewrite Ten - "Wellness of Heart"

Yesterday was a down day. I was down Sunday night, but I was fine Monday morning as I worked on Colossians 1 and the incomparable Christ, but by 8:45 am (I got up at 5), I had dipped again. I should have just packed everything up and gone out in the sunshine, but I wanted to finished Colossians 1! So I didn't. I did make dinner in the morning. I ordered our rental car. Contacted all the people in So Cal we need to connect with. I got a lot done (see my list of "TO DO's" that I started the day with), but I was down until I listened to "Dry Salvages" in the Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot (review below). It turned me. Then I walked in the sunshine and lifted weights. That helped. The evening was fine. 

I also got some prayer back up from George, Nancy, and Kim. I think I am just tired from all the people contact on Saturday and Sunday. I really am an introvert at heart. I love to be at home. So, it was good to have a day like yesterday, and I have the day today until Jesus Community.

I supposed this is a "Wellness of heart" kind of freewrite. :) I think I am ready to water my soul now with the rest of Colossians. :) It hasn't been ten minutes, but I make the rules on this blog, right? 
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