Freewrite at 1:42 in the afternoon

I just made Chicken and rice up in my crock pot. There is something very satisfying about knowing that you have  your dinner decided and done.

I bask in the glow of another British Literature class completed without conflict or dissension. It is a nice class of nine, more manageable, for able to converse without sending out zingers to other people in the group that hurt and wound. Makes me wonder if I have ever regretted setting a boundary when people were abusing?  Nope. Lesson learn still at 50 years old.

Two moms came, and it was very nice to visit with them. Now, all but two moms have visited the class this year. I like having them all come at least once to really get a feel for what is going on in the class.

I only have to edit three more lectures, and I am done for good. If I do a class in the future, I will do it on my own because I would spend as much time lecturing for myself as I do editing and managing. So, as much as I love the partnership with Thelma, I will not be continuing next year. Perhaps I will do Classical Literature if she does it in two years. For now, I need a break this next year, and Paul is agreeable with that.

I organized the cupboard above the fridge. It always gets so darn messy!  I have also cut up chicken for a future meal.  Domestic bliss before writing my Acts 24 post and going to work out at the club.

Still liking Wordsworth. I am reading his famous "The Prelude" which is a very LONG narrative poem about his life. It will take me a while to get through that one.

I intended to freewrite for a full fifteen, but Acts 24 is calling my name. Just 8 minutes today!
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