Tuesday Means Back to Work: Fifteen Minute Freewrite

Well, I did make those reservations for our coast trip, but that was fun. George just plopped a whole wheat English muffin with melted cheese down on my desk as I type this Free 15!

As much as I loved our like-hearted guests, our overnight guests are gone after nine days and two different sets (one guy solo and a married couple). It is nice to be in my PJ's right now and not wonder if I should be getting breakfast ready. So, I sit knowing that my kids are probably going to sleep in a bit more (Michael has a college class at 11:00 am), and George has already made his lunch (and my breakfast) and will go to prepare for work.

I slept a long time last night. I think I am still fighting some kind of bug. I wake up congested, and I also have sort of delirious dreams. This time we were on our way to a nice hotel but stopped at a flee bag hotel to sleep for a couple of hours to rest only to wake up the next morning still there with the hotel managers at our pillows fighting. I could  not wake up though to kick them out. Strange!

So, this is what is up for today:

1) Update friends about what is going on with our lives
2) Grade Perspectives Lessons and Papers
3) Grade Paradise Lost paper
4) Bible Book Club post for Acts 11
5) Preview Michael's rough draft for Writing 121 observation and proposal for final art project
6) Lift weights and do cardio (maybe go for another walk)
7) Prayer
8) Read for 1/2 hour something educational (maybe finish Beth Moore book)
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