Still Pinching Myself for the Boundaries

My Tuesdays used to be filled with dread. I couldn't sleep beforehand. Now, I just go through them and am so pumped afterward. I love my British Literature class now. These are a VERY good group of students. I am SO glad I did what I did!  TOTALLY different atmosphere in the class, and I will never again hesitate to ask someone to leave that is disruptive. It is not in my nature to have to be a hardened and tough classroom teacher. I can just be a mom facilitating a class of well-behaved kids now. YEAH! In addition, the remaining moms who were aware of what was happening are 100% behind my decision too. They observed it too, and I almost feel stupid for not doing something about it sooner. 

So, now I am to Wednesday. I have a touch of the flu though, and the sun is glorious. I want to go grocery shopping. I want to work on the next Brit Lit class and get a bunch of stuff done before Kyle and Kara come tonight to sleep at our house for the next week. I also want to go and see Noha and her new baby. So, Lord, heal me please.

I am also going to develop a Summer Reading List. I know I still have quite a few more TWEM books to read, but I am itching to read:

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Oh darn, there was another one I thought of, but now it has left my mind! 

Well, I am off to do wash to prepare for Kyle and Karen. 

Loving life and the Lord!

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