A Free Monday

We have been going great guns this last week. We have had nine straight days with guests, lots of face-to-face time with people, prayer, fun, and . . . TAXES.

All the other things were fun and exciting, but the taxes were NOT. I had it hanging over my head during this busy season and finally decided I needed to finish them up yesterday and THEN take my Sabbath day. NOT!  They ended up taking from the time I got home from church until 2:30. Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and sorting all the papers AND all the file folders full of prior year taxes. It was nice to get them back in their appropriate places, but I was BUSHED after all the brain power.

So, I have officially declared today a DAY OFF. I am not going to grade the Perspectives lesson or their final project. I am not going to grade Paul's Paradise Lost paper. I am not going to write my prayer update (although that can be sort of fun, actually). I am not going to make room reservations for a getaway. 

I am going to take a walk, lift weights, spend time with God, and read a book. Maybe even read some poetry. 

We'll see. Tee Hee.
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