Wednesday Freewrite

Free Fifteen - Ready GO!

I wonder if I will write more here once I am done with the Bible Book Club in November. I have to admit I will miss the BBC when it is over. I love the discipline of synthesizing what I learn from scripture in writing and applying it everyday!  It has become a definite habit for me, but I will admit that my actual writing in a journal has suffered miserably as a result. I used to go through two to three standard size journals a year. I think I have gone through 1 1/2 in the 27 months of the BBC!  I like having a documentation of my journaling in print though.

Yesterday was a very productive day. I forced myself to take a full sabbath rest on Monday, and I had my "Top Ten" list of things to do yesterday, and I did them all and was able to rest in the evening. Today is a little busier with outside activities and more people than task, but that is OK!

Here is Today's Top Ten:

1) Prayer 3:30-4:30
2) BBC in Acts 12 some of it 9-11 pm 
3) Walk 1 hour 3:30-4:30
4) Edit Brit Literature lecture 27 (only five more, and I am done! [maybe forever]) YES! 9:15-12:30
5) Dial a Book/Library run 12:45-3:30 YES
6) Piano for Paul YES
7) Orthodontics Appointment for both YES
8) Read 1/2 hour (9 pages/2% of Koran) YES
9) House spruce up (vac, dust, kitchen) 5:00-7:00
10) TOAG night 7-9:00

I also need to go back to counting calories again. I have been out of control!

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