Monday Morning Musing for Fifteen

I went and worked out on the elliptical and did weights for 1 1/2 hours this morning. Now, I have eaten my breakfast and some Chai.

Michael just came home and has passed his driving test with a 95%! Great celebration erupted in the W household as we lauded Michael for a job well done. Now, I must call the insurance guy and see how much it is going to cost us to have him on the roads!  I would like to do it by tomorrow so that he can drive himself to his Writing and Art classes. :)

Before this great celebration I had begun typing as I helped Paul write his 650 word plot analysis of Ivanhoe. It is somewhat difficult to write since it really has three parts to it, each with its rising action and climax. Paul's issue is always writing more than he needs to with much detail. His character analysis of the role of Satan in Paradise Lost ended up being 1100 words rather than 650.  So, I am encouraging him to be brief. While sitting with him because he was anxious about it last night so I resolved to sit by his side in the basement so that he knows that I am available for dialogue, and that is what we have done since 9:30 this morning. Great fun. Paul gets excited about books, and I am so proud of him for reading a 500 page novel from the Romantic time period. No small feat. The dialogue has been so fun. I love his enthusiasm.

He is on a break for lunch with his dad and newly licensed brother talking men stuff. So, I am still in the dark and quiet basement. I don't get down in this neck of the woods very often because this is definitely "their" domain. I usually come down only to see how they are progressing in their studies. Funny that Sheri was shocked that I don't come down and "supervise" because she knows that her son would not be studying if not supervised. I trust these guys. I really do. Maybe that is stupid, but I think I know their character well enough that they wouldn't lie to me about doing their work.

Michael is doing great in his new writing class. This teacher is MUCH better. He is clear in his instructions. Michael knows exactly what his expected of him for each writing assignment. The teacher uses diagrams to explain the essays. Something Natalie Daly never did in her writing class. If you are reading this, and you are considering this class. DON'T DO IT! She is a very bad teacher (who is, THANKFULLY, retiring very soon).. This new teacher is available if Michael is confused and is actually helpful. Michael is doing really well at the halfway point in the class. He is also loving his art class and got a 90% on his first quiz. His midterm is on Thursday, but he has been doing all the reading prior to class. So, that shouldn't be a problem. His assignment with pastel art in the Van Gogh style is quite beautiful. I will have to scan and post some for this blog.

As for me, I am reading through the Quran in order to understand our friends better. I am about 1/3 of the way through, and it has been very interesting for me to see that it is really quite simple: be devoted in prayer to God and perform acts of charity. It also says pay attention to the prophets that are from the "Book" (Old Testament and New Testament). We have many overlapping messengers with their top five being Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed. I am not sure where all the other stuff came from. Is it from the Hadith? Maybe that should be my next major reading project. I don't know. I don't even know how long it is. Research awaits on this more laid-back Monday morning.

I am also reading the poetry of Wordsworth. The only thing I have left to finish is "The Prelude." It is his long autobiographical poem that I am finding interesting. It gives me an insight into his soul.  He started the whole Romantic movement that turn the hierarchy of God on its head.  Still pondering all of this.

Well, I see I have 17 seconds on the clock. So, I will close without a proofread!
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