Thursday Free Fifteen

Already Thursday. Amazing!  Noorul canceled for her English lesson today. So, I have a pretty free day, and it is gorgeous and sunny out there. :)  I think I will start some bread to bring to Noha and Ghada.  Then, I will get the house ready for Valentina and Pieter to clean it. Then, I will take a walk in the sunshine. :)

I have some teaching to do tonight. So it wouldn't hurt for me to get ready for that and also for the teaching on gifts that I will be doing next week. I think it is about time I prepared a PowerPoint for the gifting portion. I haven't done that yet, and it really helps to make the talk more interesting.

Last night, George talked on Peacemaking, and it was really good. It was so good to review everything in this important topic, and it is so applicable for the future.

Wellness is Body: I am doing GREAT in the exercise department these days. I am up to my pre-injury workout routine (1 hour of cardio five days a week, weight lifting 2-3 days a week with 120 lbs on arm pull, 40 lb chest, 70 lb hamstring leg curl, 110 lbs adductor and abductor, 50 lunges, 25 calf raises, and the lifting up to strengthen the back muscles (never thought I would do that again!). So, GOOD JOB with that.

The eating is a different story all together. What happened to my 90 day buckle down! It went out the door. I am not using ANY self control whatsoever. It is PATHETIC.  So, every other area is GREAT, but this is the only one where I suck at it.

I think I will go back to taking pictures of what I put in my mouth OR writing it down. Taking pictures is such a hassle that I don't put as much in. So, I think I might do that!

Well, here is my TOP TEN for the day:
1) 1 hour cardio and weight lifting
2) Prayer
3) Acts 12 finish
4) Laundry
5) Straighten up for Valentina
6) Bake bread for Noha and Ghada (and sweet mothers)
7) Prep for Chi Alpha
8) Read Koran for 1/2 hour
9) Visit Ghada and mothers
10) Teach at Chi Alpha
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