Saturday Morning Freewrite

Psalm 52:1 - The steadfast love of God endures all the day.

This is the verses that stuck out to me this morning in my Psalm meditation. It has been so fun to meditate through the Psalms this summer! The psalms were my constant companion ever summer for years as I pored over them in the decade of my 20s. I really believe that this is what gave me an accurate concept of God. I am meditating through them now and think about specific instances where God met me in the pages of the Psalms. 

Today, I will be aware of the steadfast love of God throughout the day. It is a free Saturday which is so rare these days for us. It will also be cool so I hope that we can go for a little hike/walk when George wakes up. 

Yesterday, Mindy came over to get homeschool things. I thought that we had a box of books. I know we do, but George does not think we do. I did sell many of the books, but I thought there was still a box that I could not sell anywhere. But maybe not. Through her coming, I went through the "science" and "art" cardboard drawers. I have had that cardboard chest of drawers since before I was married! I think I bought them when I moved into my first apartment alone in 1983! Imagine that. Regardless to say, we are tossing it. It held up really well, but we are getting rid of it. After she left, we made a "Goodwill" pile from the extra stuff that she didn't take (which is most of it - I had a lot of high school stuff, and she is just not there yet). I have a paper tub for each of our kids, and I am going to have them go through them and toss what they don't want to save. It was fun to look at Michael's freewrite stuff. I have to find Paul's because his freewrites were so silly because he hated doing them, but it is ironic that he now does a freewrite EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. as a 23 year old. Go figure. The one who hated it the most would make it a habit.

We also have all these Seed to Fruit books we got for free, and they are just taking up space! I need to just get rid of them somehow. I want more space in my closets. This is a project that will probably go into the fall term when it gets busier with work, but I will not have the Kingdom Community or Renovar é to contend with for my time. So I should be much better. 

The weight loss reboot is going really well. I calculated that I was overeating only 143 calories a day throughout the last year to put on half of the weight I lost 5 1/2 years ago. I am still in the "healthy" weight range, but as I have said here many times, I know what weight I like the best, and that it about eight pounds lower than I am right now, and I like to be even lower than that so I have "wiggle" room. So, I have just about got the five pounds I gladly gained eating my way through France in June. Now I want to get the eight to ten I gained with two back injuries (bad massage and fishing day fall), two broken toes, and Renovaré Institute sitting! It should not be too hard. I already feel so much better with just a three pound drop. What I have loved is this new Apple Watch that I got for my birthday (thank you George!). It keeps track of my beats per minute so I am looking for cardio that is going to get my body into higher ranges for fat burning and cardio training (although I am, surprisingly, in the athlete/superior range for my age group already). So far, swimming and biking have won with an average of 138/140 bpm average. Biking on a hybrid mountain bike (touring or road bikes do not get my heart rate as high due to smaller tires resulting in less resistance on the road) depends on the traffic and stop lights. My first ride did not yield as high of a BPM, but my second ride definitely did. I loved doing both! The elliptical interval training was 126 BPM. I would love to go back to running, but I am not sure my knee is ready. I realized there was no lift in my shoe, and who knows how long that has been out of there. I think I remember switching them when I was in France in JUNE! So that might have been why the knee was acting up. We will see. 

I have run out of time for my 15 minutes of freewriting. Off to more time in the Psalms! 


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