Thursday Freewrite Fifteen

Freewrite and not on a Friday. 

I sit in my comfy chair - glider rocker purchased at Bi-Mart for an insanely low price, and it has held up through babies who are now 26 and 23. We moved it out next to the big window in the living room, and in the winter, I could watch the sun rise. But the sun has shifted (and today is behind clouds) to the north of the window, and I can only see it rise through my kitchen window (or my bedroom one, but it is HIGH, and there is no place to sit to watch it). There is something about the sun rising in the east that gives me such hope for every new day. 

Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears. 

(I am going to Alexa to play this Fiddler on the Roof song for me right now.) 

I felt so lousy when I got up. V & P came to clean (a present from George when I was trying to balance homeschooling and ministry and my back was so bad, and then they became friends so we kept them on but only once a month - a gift!), and I told them I was feeling really bad.  I was in the room trying to get ready for work, and I heard a big THUD. I came out of my room to him lambasting me about the fact that he cannot dust and not knock the pictures off the walls because WE have too small of nails to hold up our pictures. (Really?)  He was probably mad at himself and took it out on me. Usually, I hold my tongue with their criticism of things around my house. (Very opinionated sometimes about how I should decorate.)  Most of the time, I would have just blown it off, but I was feeling really lousy. So I told him I did not appreciate his comment. Then they were all concerned that I was mad. No, I was just tired and felt lousy. So, of course, I felt bad for sharing my opinion until I got to class, and I was bombarded with positive and warm feedback from 60 20-somethings (and one 60 something) and moved my body a bunch. I felt better. As the day wore on, I felt better. I think the worst of this allergy thing is behind me. 

Well, there you go. That was 15 minutes. Time flies when you are processing out loud. It was helpful. I really want to walk according to the Spirit. Sometimes when my flesh is feeling weak, that is not always an easy thing to do. BUT I am improving and growing. So I am encouraged. 


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