So much reading about disciplines and about imitating Jesus and telling me to imitate Jesus, but too many books keep you from looking at his life and putting it into practice. Life is meant to be lived, not reading about how it should be lived. It is easy to get sucked into the academic vortex of a movement and not do what the movement recommends. That is where I am now. Since my mentor very strongly said, "You have a lot to do and you already know what to do and are already doing it," I need to continue to consider carefully whether I should continue. I am getting weary of reading, reading, Then the critiquing in an analytical way from people who really do not know me. I am one to put into practice what I read if it is a good thing. So, I put most of these things into practice 40 years ago; 1978 was the year of the greatest growth in my life as an apprentice of Jesus. It is good to revisit, but do I need to revisit all of these when I already wholeheartedly believe in their goodness, know why I am doing them, practice them, and have taught them to so many others for so many years?  

So there you go. Being honest. Wondering what God has for me in all of this. Today is a day for reflection. Sigh. 


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