Lorica of St. Patrick

I listen to this song in the mornings. I could not figure out the words so I wrote the singers today to get them:
By calling on it’s mystic Name the Three in One, the One in Three
Through whom all nature was created Eternal Father, Spirit, Word.
I praise the God of my salvation, salvation won by Christ the Lord!

I clasp unto my heart this day with steadfast faith, our Lord made man
And him baptized in Jordan’s flood, His Cross of death salvation’s plan,
His rising from the enclosing tomb, His bright ascent to Heaven’s Way
His coming on the day of doom, I clasp unto my heart this day.

I clasp unto my heart this day the leadership of God’s strong hand
His eye to watch, His strength my stay, His ears to hear and understand.
The Truths God wills that I should teach, His guidance sure, His shielding arm,
The Word of God which I should preach, the angels guarding me from harm.

Against the spell of Satan’s wiles, against all lying heresy
Against all actions which defile, against all crass idolatry
Against all pride of earthly state, against hell’s pain and bondage stern
Against that endless fiery fate protect me Christ, till thy return.

Written on St. Patrick’s breastplate


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