Sunday Sixteeen Freewrite

This is the third freewrite in one week. I think this is indicative of several things: 1) I got over the five week hump of grading 60 papers for my two Pilates classes 2) I am not teaching a Tuesday night class anymore 3) No one is staying at our house (late April/early May) 4) TOAG homework this week is very "wrap it up" so not so labor intensive 5) I am done reading all but the articles (that I don't have yet) for Renovare Institute, and 6) My kids did not come home this weekend (Michael is Ashland and Paul busy studying). 

So I am not as busy this weekend. I still have this planning for the Nav Reunion. There is only so much I can do from my vantage point 90 miles south. I will not have a lot of time to do anything prior to the reunion. I should tell Jack and Wayne that as I am now running a retreat July 8-10 and the reunion is July 14. And Patty wants to get together prior to that. So I need to be up front about how much I can do for this reunion. 

So maybe I should think through my next few months

21 Class
22 Nav Reunion Planning afternoon and evening
23 Class
24 RI Praxis Discussion, Final TOAG (sniff, sniff)
25 Day of Prayer?
26-28 Family Getaway for Memorial Day
29 Fran, Southside Volunteering
30 Class, Dial a Book, Small Group for RI
31 Elizabeth, Rachel 
1 Rika's Master's Defense, Iftar at Mosque
2 PUMP Party, Iftar at Calvary
4 Malay Prayer, Howerton, Class
6 Last class, Submit Grades 
6-8 Trappist Abbey TWO nights?
8 Dr. Myers?
9 Wedding
10-22 France
23 Manar
24, 26 TAC Pilates, DAB
27 Elizabeth
1 Sub for TAC Pilates
2  TAC Pilates, Malay Prayer
6-7 Advanced Mat CEU in Salem
8-10 TOAG Retreat
11 NASM CEU - Women's Fitness Course
13-15 NAV Reunion
16, 18 TAC Pilates
21 28th Wedding Anniversary weekend
28 Elise and Isaiah's Wedding
31 RI Paper Due

August 1-September 20 is just TAC Pilates and completing my Women's Fitness Specialist Certification!

We might start a TOAG September 6 and first retreat September 7-10. 

Oh my time is up. It was good to get it down in my head. August is going to be much easier for me to have some flexibility. 


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