I think home was safe for the most part. My parents loved me. I especially felt very safe when I was very young, but then when I started having opinions and gaining any sort of independence, my mom resented that. She would always condemn me later on in life by saying that the first words that came out of my mouth as a child were, "I rather do it myself." I think independence is a beautiful thing, but my mother, who saw her worth in her helping, as a slap in the face. That is when things were no longer safe, and my mom got verbally and two times, physically abusive. So, I did have this core of safety.

But it did not get better as I got older. There were letter "to God" that told Him how much my mom had wanted a daughter, and "this is why I got." I was a disappointment, not because I did anything failing to her, but because I didn't need her and want to be her best friend.

That was only a five minute freewrite about home. 

Thanks Julie! 
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