Friday Freewrite Fifteeen

Wow, I love that Google now has a timer where you just type in "Timer 15 minutes," and it automatically will start a timer for you for that time! Woohoo! Freewriting just got even easier for me.

It has been a while since I did a "no agenda" freewrite, but it is Friday, and traditionally, that is when I would do it, but it has not been that way for a long time.  

I am still blown away that my son, Paul, freewrites every day now! He was so resistant to it when he was a kid. I think I saved the books with some of his freewrites. It cracks me up how resistant he was. Now, it helps him, as it helps me too!

The sun is rising on what looks to be a glorious day. I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday for my trip. It had been about 1 1/2 years since I had one, and even that one was given to me by Elizabeth when she came to visit last year! It was fun, and I got a nice flower painted on two fingers.

But that is what is making me anxious now. I am trying to identify the anxiety points in my life. I had scheduled an appointment with the person I did it with the last time I had one, and I got all ready and went to her shop, and there was a sign on the door to say there was a family emergency, and the shop was closed all day. I called her to reschedule, and her grandfather had died. She wanted to reschedule for today, but I have a full day getting ready for my trip; but she insisted on it, and I scheduled it for 9:30 today. Then, I realized that would not work for me as I have an appointment at 8 am on the other side of town, and I don't want to have to rush back to this side. Plus, I was already out and about, and my next appointment was not until 12:45 (well, it was at 12:30, and that was another anxiety that happened to me yesterday). I knew I had to go to WinCo to pick up cloves for my chai (cheapest in town). So I went to the nail spa there, and Sophia was the bomb! She did a really great job and was really pleasant to talk to. Well, I tried to call the person I originally scheduled with to tell her no, and the phone was busy, and there was no way to leave a message. I left a message on her Facebook, but I don't know if she checks this, and I don't want her coming in at 9:30, but I feel like it is too early to call her, and I cannot do it after 8 am. So, I have to call her before  8 am, and her grandfather just died, and I have to tell someone, "NO." But she made no effort to call me to tell me not to come in yesterday either, right? I just feel anxious about calling her, but I obviously do not need a mani/pedi anymore!

Silly thing, but little things like this always make me anxious. 

The other thing that made me anxious yesterday was that I had 30 minutes to "kill" before my doctor's appointment. So I went to get some soup. Then the office called and said my appointment was at 12:30 and not 12:45. I KNOW they scheduled it at 12:45 because I questioned that weird time. The lady at the desk said that it was because my doctor was going to 45 minute appointments. But they sort of pinned it on me, and I don't like that. Why on earth would I have written 12:45 unless that was the time I was told originally? I have gone there almost three years, and they have always been at the "30" point on the clock. I remember questioning it. She was new at scheduling the new times. I think she messed up, and she corrected it later but forgot to tell me of the error. They tried to say, "Well, you are called and reminded." But there was no voicemail reminding me of a time, and if they changed the time, shouldn't they call me and tell me personally that there was a time change instead of waiting until the appointment reminder day? And who listens to the message if they already have it on their calendar and know they are to go to it? Now I know I better because that front desk is SO MESSED UP! They have continually messed up with my appointments since I first tried to get in to see him in November of 2013! Seriously HIGH turnover and the only time it was really good was when that one girl (Jessica?) was there for about six months. She was really good. 

On top of all that, I was laying down to go to sleep at 10 pm last night, and I hear three buzzes on my phone, I look down, and three voicemails came in from 10 am the day before! One was the doctor's office appointment.

Regardless, if the time changed by their error, they should have called me when they changed it. I think the original receptionist messed up, and she is not even in the office anymore.

Seriously thinking about switching osteopaths when they move to the Albany office some time this year. It is not worth my time to drive all the way to North Albany for an appointment. I either need to do that or just schedule monthly appointments with Paul. I really don't "need" them anymore, but it is nice to have the monthly slot reserved just in case. 

Well, the timer went off. This was a strange freewrite, but I am going with it. 

No proofreading and sending promptly! 
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