Exercise Duration for the Year

The stats are in for the month of June in comparison to exercise duration since last August. Remember I gained 7 pounds from March to the end of May? Well, see the stats! Look at that big dip in my exercise during the allergy + injury + illness + overeating that occurred! 

Just sayin'! 

Now, compare my yearly exercise duration (2012 doesn't count because I did not get Endomondo until November of that year. I love Endomondo, by the way, but do NOT go by their calorie burn estimation. They overestimate by a LOT, but so does FIT BIT. DO NOT GO BY THE FIT BIT FOR CALORIE BURNS! But I digress.), and you see that year I lost all that weight was 2013! Look at all the walking I did! 

Funny that I compared hiking, and I have consistently done 30 hours every year! I always says I will hike more each year, but that seems to be my limit.

As you can see, I am halfway through the year, and I will never catch up to my high of 2013 when I lost all that weight. I also realized that I did a lot more elliptical in past years. Elliptical interval training (one minute full on and then 1 minute getting my heart rate down to at least 125 for seven intervals on the SNAP fitness longer stride length) burns 574 calories per hour compared to walking which burns between 388 (2.5 MPH - hill) and 487 (3.5 MPH on the flat with fast-walking Michelle) calories. 

I did not do that much elliptical because I was so wiped out in the spring from all the pollen that came from riding my bike to and from class and teaching two classes with open windows! I usually do elliptical more in the spring due to allergies, but I could not avoid it this year. 

But I do resolve to do more elliptical year round! I am going to figure out the allergy thing or really reduce my eating in the spring to compensate for a more sedentary life of recovery on the off work days!

Anywho. There is my newest "look at the stats and apply them to my life and health" entry! 

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