26. The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling and Narrated by Madhav Sharma

 Notice this says The Jungle BOOKS! My book club was reading just Book 1. I got the audio version from the library, and the narrator was TERRIBLE! Seriously! So, I remembered this version from when we took long car journeys when our kids were small. I noticed it said "abridged," but it was only 30 minutes shorter than the terrible narration so I listened to it. How much could it be abridged?  NOONE beats the Madhav Sharma narration. It is superb.

Well, then I started comparing chapters, and they did not line up with Book 1. Then I realized that this said The Jungle BOOKS. The British version that I found online had the title for this Naxos Audiobook as "Mowgli's Stories." Then I realized this is all the stories about Mowgli contained in The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book! 

So, in getting ready for my book club, I am going back to The Jungle Book (Book 1) and reading all the "non-Mowgli stories" for my book club in two days! 

I really like the stories of Mowgli in one place, and this narration is so entertaining! 

Sure, many people give Rudyard Kipling a very hard time because of his prejudice, but he was a product of his times. Give him a break and enjoy!
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