Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I woke up at 4:30 this morning thinking it was at least 6 am, but alas, it was not.

I have not done a freewrite in quite a while. I have been busy with getting my OSU classes started. I finally did so last Monday, and they went very well. I will be pretty busy from Monday - Wednesday, but I am hoping to have my Thursdays and Fridays fairly flexible. I may have my Tuesdays unstructured also because I will probably need a rest in between the two days. I have to evaluate all of that. 

I had my first Wellspring group of the year, and it was great. I think the overnight trip we took to the coast really helped solidify our relationships. God gave me a picture, and I should just take a picture and put it here, but it was of Colossians 3 and the correlation with the principles of Pilates! LOL! 


Christ is my life (breath is life)

Set MIND on things above - see things from HIS perspective
Let Word of Christ dwell richly
Let peace of God rule

Focusing on Him with our minds allow us to 
put on love and doing all in His name in our actions.

Christ is the center. He is the "Core Powerhouse." We can do all things when He is the center of our life - strengthening us from within. Every action stems from the Powerhouse Who lives in us. Let all be done in the name of the Master!

Precision and Flow 
Our life flows in order and flow with the fruits they talk about in Colossians 3

Settling into all of this and letting the PEACE of God rule. 

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