Tuesday Twelve Freewrite

I just got back from my six month skin cancer check, and I had just one biopsy this time (the last two times were four each with one being melanoma)! 

I have a whole day to answer my discussion questions and study for my midterm due on November 8. Other than the doctor's appointment at 8:20 am (and I got a interval training walk/run up there and back) and a Skype meeting with Elizabeth at 8 pm tonight, I have a very undisturbed day to study. I like having large chunks of time to be able to get lost in the material because I find the material so fascinating. 

For the discussion questions this week, I have to explain why plyometrics is important and beneficial for an advanced client interested in hypertrophy (muscle mass gain), explain how I would regress a plyometric training program for a deconditioned and an elder client, and design a speed, agility, and quickness drill for a weight loss client. These discussion questions take a lot of time, but I like that it forces me to practically apply everything I am learning from the book. So that is beneficial. 

My Pilates classes are going well. I have so many students that want special exceptions to make up their classes though, and that is a bit unnerving for me. There is a lot of sickness going around, and I can see doing it for someone who has sickness that they cannot do anything about. I guess it doesn't hurt them to ask. 

I have really enjoyed doing #100happydays every day. I am on Day 36, and it is so helpful to look for the happy in each day, which actually is not too hard for me since I am, for the most part, a pretty happy person. I think it has been really good for my friends who tend to "catastrophize" and agonize every day. It really helps them seek it out and relish it. 

So far here are my happies for the day in the last 2 minutes of this freewrite:

  1. Waking up very early
  2. Having a good kind of soreness in my arms and latissimus dorsi after doing the Theraband for three Pilates classes yesterday
  3. Listening to Steve's sermon on 1 Peter 3:8-18 that I missed because I had to teach two Sunday School classes 
  4. Learning about plyometrics, and speed, agility, and quickness drills
  5. Finding a stash of Earl Grey tea I did not know I had
  6. Earl Grey with 2% milk - oh my!
  7. Interval training up the hill to my derm appointment
  8. The receptionist was nice this time
  9. I only had one biopsy and got to catch up with my doctor friend

There is the bell. I think that is a lot of happies for only 9:42 in the morning! 


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