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Saturday Seventeen Freewrite

Well, I am doing two freewrites in a row! WOW!

Just for those of you who randomly read this blog, a freewrite is a concept that was made popular by Peter Elbow (click on link to learn more). Here is a definition from
Free writing, a term commonly used by Elbow, coined by Ken Macrorie, is to write without stopping, without editing, without sharing, without worrying about grammar, without thinking, without rushing. Elbow wants his students (and others) to write whatever they want, however they want but just write daily-10 to 15 minutes for one freewrite. Normal freewriting can be adapted to focused freewriting and public freewriting. Focused freewriting is trying to stay on a topic, which is particularly useful when a student has a specific assignment to do. Public freewriting is geared toward being shared, which makes it seem a little more risky but it is very useful in groups, especially where there is trust, and growth can occur. The goal of this exercise is to bring about a more natural language, while making the writing process easier and more comfortable to the student.[7]
I love it. My friend Julie Bogart taught me how to do it when I was homeschooling my kids. She owns a company called , and her teaching helped my kids to become the "brave writers" they are today (rock it in every college class when it comes to writing - proud mama).

So now I will proceed with my freewrite! :) 

What a whirlwind week. I loved it. I taught four college Pilates classes (in addition to my two classes I teach at SNAP Fitness), and I think I will like it. I think I was born to teach. I was not necessarily born to take attendance! LOL! That is a bit more complicated, and I am not sure if I like the system that I have developed. :) I took it from my friend who taught the class before me, but I think I need to ask the more "fine tuned" details of better attendance taking because I just throw these 4 x 6 cards with their names on it, and they put them at the front of their mats, and then they throw them back at me. I have some international students in my class, and I have never received a card from one, and I wonder if he is there but just does not understand the whole concept of the cards. 

All that aside, I love teaching people about living a less stressed and strong life! I hope and pray these principles will carry over into their everyday life. It would be awesome. Pilates has been SO HELPFUL to me in the quest for a pain-free and strong existence! YAY! I can "sell it" because I am passionate about it.

I am also passionate about Jesus. :) He is my life! I have been meditating on Colossians 3 the last couple of days, and it has been very rich, rich, rich. Letting His word "richly dwell within me."

A photo posted by Carol Weaver (@carolfoasia) on

Woke up this morning with a certain person on my heart. I am not sure why that is, but I am glad I followed my gut and wrote her. I think she is on an important trip somewhere. So there you go! 

I start my first full day of studying for my personal fitness trainer exam. I hope to take it before Christmas and start the year at SNAP doing that. I am excited to inch forward toward some long term goals of mine.

One more thing, last night was awesome. I love, love, love being around the House of Prayer people. I prayer walked on campus with three other girls, and we prayed blessings over one of the buildings I teach in, and also went to the residence hall and classrooms for the internationals and prayed blessings over that too. We also walked by the place where a girl was sexually assaulted last week. They have not caught the man. There were three other teams of 3-4 who also prayed through different parts of campus so I think we covered the whole thing between the 20+ of us who gathered at the Upper Room. Love, love, love the partnership we have with these dear, dear folks. They invited us to intercede with them over a "Pre-Halloween Burn" which is a 26 hour prayer vigil. They will have a booth on Friday and Saturday night where they will pray for people and do dream interpretation. How fun is that!!!!?????

Well, I think my 17 minutes have just ended. Another thing about a freewrite is that I do not proofread it and just send it into cyberspace. Excuse the errors. I do know the difference between there, their, and they're, but sometimes when I type fast, I miss that. So, forgive me for the errors!


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