41. The Anatomy of Pilates by Paul Massey

This was a really helpful book as I became certified to teach Pilates to an intermediate level. It was helpful for me to know what muscles were being worked as I performed each exercise too. It has great illustrations. An added bonus was I learned muscles and their names in a more applicable way.This has helped me study for my Certified Personal Trainer exam in December too. Less boring that way!  I am able to inform my students about what muscles are being worked and greater understand what exercises to skip if they have had previous injuries. 

I checked it out of the library and ran the limits of my checking out. I wish I had bought it from Amazon back then because it has doubled in price since I first started considering buying it! RATS! I am checking it out again from my library now because I refer to it all the time. It is much superior to Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger (review coming soon). 


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