Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

I think I like this font best. I am going to the timer and standing up as I do this freewrite!

May was a "wonderful whirlwind." Now I am taking today to just "chill" and listen to God. I was going to go up to Lafayette to the monastery, and I still might do that, but right now, I am POOPED. I stayed up too late watching Pride and Prejudice and doing the Jane Austen puzzle and slept in until 8 am. That never happens! I had a full day yesterday, unintentionally.  Nancy, Rebekah, and Kim trying to find a time to have me facilitate a listening prayer day, talking to "A" about what she is hearing from God about her future (2 1/2 hours), unpacking the listening prayer conference with my mentor in TX, Carol, talking with Chris L. about two women possibly moving here from Iowa to do our internship that we have not decided whether we are going to run, emailing about getting more listening prayer books, housecleaning, going to get money at the bank, then Kellie time and starting that puzzle (My need for closure can sometimes be so funny - I don't even like puzzles, but I had a hard time just letting it sit there unfinished after Kellie left!) and P & P. A good dose of Austen was good for my soul and fun to just chill with Kellie after a really hard week on her part. 

Oh, I also made oatmeal raisin cookies because I was craving something sweet and had nothing in the house! Paul was so appreciative, and I realized that I really should do that more often! I love that he made an extra effort to come back upstairs to tell me how much he appreciated me making cookies. What a sweet guy. Hang what everyone says about him moving out. I like him here. 

This morning was time in Isaiah 14 & 15. Learning about the Moabites, talking with Sinor (my Kurdish friend) who liked one of my Facebook posts while I was reading my Bible Book Club post about Isaiah 14 and telling people about her experience. Then Kimberly popped up and I sent her the ISIS prayer guide and talked about a trip to that region to help refugees. Then I responded to Luke's inquiry about the strengths and weaknesses of our internship versus other ones. That has led me to doing this freewrite. I will pray and maybe even take Paul to his class since I need to go to the library to do Dial a Book. Oh, I also ordered 6 LP facilitating workbooks and 6 Personal LP workbooks. they will be good tools for the TOAG! 

So, should we do another internship next year, Lord? I am just not very sure about all of this. So many opportunities and so little time. I love my life.  I am tired, but I am surprisingly NOT as tired as I was when Elizabeth was staying here, primarily because I got more sleep while Rusty was here and he was only here four days as opposed to seventeen! 

The good news about today is my house is spic-and-span clean, my laundry is pretty caught up (other than Rusty's sheets and towels from his visit, and I do not anticipate another guest for quite some time), the new carpet is ordered, the Bible Book Club is DONE, and I am just enjoying reading my posts as just a participant in the club rather than writing and editing. 

I was going to head up to Newberg for an overnighter with my sweet husband and mother in law and his aunt, but I am just too tired to do that. I am going to chill here.

Well there you go, my thirteen minutes is officially up!!!! Bike ride? Walk in the sunshine?

No proofreading! No judging! That is why it is a freewrite! 


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