Every Once in a While . . .

I get the blues!

Which is weird because I was fine this morning, but then something turned for me at about 1 pm, and I struggled for a few hours. Nancy was SO SWEET to call me even though she has family coming from out of town. George listened and then Nancy listened, and God pieced it all together. I was great for a bit. Then another little dip. You know what really shook me out of it?

Looking at all those refugees in the boat on the Mediterranean, and I felt God say, "YOU are not alone!" :) Those people are in such desperate situations. I have so much! I have it so well. 

Then a friend texted me, "It is national best friend day" with a very sweet little message attached. So I texted my besties! And they both responded with the sweetest texts back.

I really need to text George too because he is my best of the besties! 

So, I am so much better. Just a little six hour dip. Not too bad if you ask me! Thanks for speaking truth to me so quickly, Lord. 

(Tomorrow morning will be so much better!) 

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