I have reached a milestone. I was telling my husband on our walk this morning that I'm someone who sets my mind to a goal, and if I don't complete it it hangs over my head. So it is amazing for me to wake up two mornings in a row and know I am not working on the Bible Book Club. It was an amazing 7 1/2 year journey, but I am ready to move on to other things. I think my back will thank me also. I think sitting in my chair and typing was a lot on my back. 

Yesterday, I woke up and did stuff around the house all day long and I burned 3100 cal. I think it's time this summer to work on the house: get a new bedspread, get a new carpet, help Paul recover from this jaw surgery. Then I think I'm going to fulfill my lifelong dream of integrating the physical (by becoming a personal trainer since I am already a nutritionist), and then I can integrate my spiritual,  physical, and emotional (with my background in counseling) and help people become whole. I love my life!
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