27. A Guide for Listening and Inner Healing Prayer: Meeting God in the Broken Places by Rusty Rustenbach

My friend wrote this, and I finally got around to reading it since he was coming to give a conference on the subject for my church. I have always believed that God can speak to us, and I have been facilitating Inner Healing Prayer since 2001. What I like about this book is it is written by someone who didn't really know that God could speak directly until 1999, after many years of being a believer, so he gives a good biblical basis for the whole subject before he launches into the particulars. I really appreciate that. I have already loaned my copy to a kid that my kids grew up with who questions whether God can speak. 

It was fun to have Rusty stay with us and to see the personal transformation in his own life. I have known him since 1980 but have not seen him since 1983!  It was delightful to see that he is "walking his talk" regarding this book. 
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