Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I really need to reinstate the tradition of freewriting on Fridays. I have had so much happening this week. It is good for me to process through the keyboard and give myself some time to reflect about all the goings on.  I think there are some exciting things afoot. I just have to pace myself and pray and obey accordingly. I do not want my enthusiasm to get in the way of the Spirit's leading. 

Had a good conversation with J yesterday about what they do up in Portland. I want to see a partnership happen with them. They are a dynamic foursome up here. They are doing great things. Somewhere along the way there was a big miscommunication over a very minor issue that made for a disengagement with my boss and them. Also, we let a third party interpret some things they did and communicate it to a whole team of people that made us think they were not open to working as a team. My meeting with them could not have been farther from the truth! UGH! Four years of miscommunication is really not a good thing. I am so glad that I obeyed and made the connection with them!

 I am wondering if we are to be the connectors (as that is one of my StrengthsFinder key themes along with Learner, Empathy, Achiever, Relator).  I need to tread carefully. I need to listen to the Lord. I need to do just what He is telling me, no more and no less! There is power in proper partnership. You know. I just obeyed when You told me to make contact. 

Also had a lovely meeting with the B's and M's. I had a fun adventure taking the MAX to the eastside and Lloyd Center area. Met with M first for some enthusiastic talking with this like-hearted friend of mine. My picture of our meeting never posted, and I have no idea why! I tried three times! I will have to try again. 

After that, I went to this big apartment complex to meet with people I have never met before and other people I have only met once. It is amazing how God can knit hearts immediately. We are going to have a "Portland Prayer Pow Wow" to beat all! I don't know who will spearhead it. I think I will just be the connector of all things.

I also walked with Caroline from college and my sorority. That was fun. We also visited with T and K, and I will go with K for a Swedish tasting treat in about an hour. Should be fun. Been visiting with my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law this morning too. Took MIL out for her 86th birthday last night. Red Mill Market in Dundee! SO GOOD! Loved my steak salad and bites of George's pizza!!!! 

In between all the meetings, I have been reading The Making of an Ordinary Saint: My Journey from Frustration to Joy with the Spiritual Disciplines and am about halfway through it. I went to Nathan and Richard Foster's conference in Newberg in April, and it was good. Just getting around to reading the book that it was based on. I want to discuss it with Jamie. That is who is on my heart about it. 

Well, I think I might end this fifteen a little early so I can go and read a bit more before Katherine comes and fetches me for our little outing OR I might take a walk!  I cannot decide!

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