Thorn in the Flesh

I am not sure what I did, but my goal of cleaning out drawers in the bathroom has come to a screeching halt with the advent of a mysterious pain in my right back at the waist. You press on those muscles, and they are tight and sore. George would probably be able to release it, but he is up in Hillsboro. So, in 24 hours, I have an appointment with Dr. Koen. In the meantime, I will give myself anti-inflammatories, relax, have the kids set up the massage table, apply heat and cold, and read my books. 

So funny that I can go through two days of travel, and three days of backpacking and sleeping on the ground and have NO problems with my back, and I do something obscure on Saturday/Sunday (not sure when) that has left me incapacitated. 

God has such a sense of humor.  

Good News:

1) My house is clean (other than those drawers and closets I wanted to finish this summer).

2) I had made no appointments because I thought I would be in Hillsboro this week.

3) I already had decided to do leftovers tonight, and there are snacks galore for the kids to consumed. So no standing and cooking.

4) Shopping is all done from Sunday. No need to go to the store other than the milk which Michael can do.

5) I have a back log of books due at the library tomorrow, and reading is about all I probably can do at this point.

6) It is too hot to exercise outside today (I did take a morning walk to loosen myself up - not sure if it helped or hurt), and the air-conditioning is not working at SNAP fitness anyway.

7) I need to have some extended prayer.

So, I think God is telling me to rest. So, I will not resist. 
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