Loving God With All My Soul

b. Experiences of Joy, Sorrow, and Love. Active decision is at issue when God’s psychḗ takes pleasure in his servant in Mt. 12:18. The psychḗ of Lk. 12:19 hopes to enjoy physical and psychological pleasures on the basis of a radical decision. In Lk. 1:46 the psychḗ is the subject of praise of God; the presence of pneúma shows that this is God’s gift and work. The psychḗ may also be the locus of sorrow, as in Mk. 14:34 (cf. Ps. 42:5). Mk. 12:30 demands love with all the psychḗ; the word is close to strength of will in this context (cf. Mt. 22:37). Yet its omission in Mk. 12:33 shows that it is not supremely important or distinctive (cf. Acts 4:32). The sword of sorrow pierces the psychḗ in Lk. 2:35. 

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