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OK, I am supposed to be writing on Acts 15. I love the turning point on that chapter, but God's presence is really real to me right now, and I have to write about it. I am not sure what happened. :) Since this is my desire 24/7, I want to pause and revel in it, remember it, and seek to continue it.

Oh there I go, looking at paper scattered about my desk and starting to think about all the things I should be doing: getting Michael's grades into our auto insurance company (for the "good student" discount), setting up that dinner date with the P's for tomorrow night, throwing out papers, making things look more presentable at this desk of mine, etc.

But I will sit here and revel. It is real, by golly. I wish scientists and scholar would take note. It is real, and I pity their blindness. No stupidity about an ancient myth here. He is as real as the nose on my face. Too bad for them they "think" Him away. 

I suppose I should do an assessment of the "State of My Well" like the president did the other night (Didn't even listen to it or listen to commentary on it since I am taking a "Nightly News Fast" for Lent. It was hard last night when I was exhausted, and I want to switch it on. I had to train myself to watch the news back in the early 80's. Now, I cannot get enough.).


Well, of course, that is what I just finished writing about. Love, love, love my prayer walks lately. How He is directing me where to walk and pray and what to say "no" to for the day (praying near Leslie's apartment complex yesterday morning versus going to Calvary to pray on the grounds).  My footsteps have been ordained by Him. Yippee.  So good to start it off praying for Teala's block, and now she is praying through that wonderful "Seek God for the City" App (which, by the way, I found a way to enlarge the letters and make it lighter - my two complaints about the app).

So, Bible Book Club has slowed down considerably as I haven't had as much time to devote to it, but that is OK. Acts 15 is a good chapter to soak in, and Jeff's talk Monday night about that particular chapter shed more light on it!


Thanking God for Calvin would have been so much harder to plow through if not for that. I have decided to stop reading Early Reviewer books for a while. Most are just OK. I just read the book Of Virgins and Martyrs that I think will be HUGE. That was one Early Reviewer book that I was ULTRA-IMPRESSED with!

All that to say is that I want to finish the Invitation to the Classics list, and I cannot when I keep signing up to review new books. I have 1 1/2 more books to review. Then, I am taking a break until I finish the ITC List. Last list, I promise.


It always relates to the Well-Watered Soul. Experiencing God's Presence 24/7 confirmed what I always say, "When we are are experiencing Him, everything heals." I saw a breakthrough with a person I was working with last Thursday though, enough so that I want her to fly on her own and just check in for "tune ups" now and then. Yay. 

I do not deal with guilt or shame any more. Laying them all down if I do for a nano-second. This is all good (Until maybe the next trip down to see my family, LOL!).


I have been talking a lot about all of this lately. My weight is down 18 pounds. It was down 19.8 last Friday, but there is something going weird in my water weight because I have stuck to the program with daily deficits, but last week was a major purge of water with loss beyond my deficits. So, I almost think that it is better to just weigh myself every two weeks because that seems to be when I get the accurate measurement beyond the fluctuations. Not worried. I have stuck to my plan like GLUE with only planned surpluses (I think I have had 1 or 2 in two months of recording everything I have eaten.). In addition, my weight loss overall shows I OVER-REPORT how many calories I am consuming. So, it is all GOOD! 

The back has had its ups and downs lately. I stupidly (as reported earlier this week) delivered two heavy book bags to one of our dial-a-book clients. So, that is my own fault (like chasing after the bus with bags in my hands in December). I have not had a "stupid back incidence" since December 12. So, I am good. I am thinking of doing Dr. Koen once a month and maybe doing the massage as needed. Dr. Koen is more effective in getting me back in balance than the massage therapist. If I am not out, she is great, but if I am out, Dr. Koen is much more effective AND covered by my insurance plan!

All that to say is that I did the 55 minute PUMP workout and felt great. I love getting my upper body strong (lower doesn't seem to be a problem with the other things I am doing). So, YAY! Good work!  I have visited SNAP 30 times since I joined in December. So that is good!

Well, I think the bell will ring. Back to work!
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