All Better

I limped through the weekend, but I knew my back was not 100%. Fifteen minutes with Dr. Koen on Friday was all that he could give, but I need a full work over. I called at 8 am, and he called back and said, "Believe it or not, we have a very light day because everyone thought I was closed on President's Day! Come on in!"

A full hour work over has made me a new woman, and I will NEVER carry Fran's book bags again. I love Fran, and it was great to have a chat with her as I dropped off her new and picked up her old ones, but I will FOREVER leave that job to my strapping, Sherpa boys!

Moving on. I had such a wonderful time praying for HP yesterday as I circled the pond. It is a one hour slow walk from my house around the pond and back again. I must remember to do that more often. It is about the same length as my Glen Eden walk, only flat. It will be a nice change. I have not done it in about a year! Silly me.

Well, I am off to write on Acts 15. I do hope I can finish it. I am planning on not meeting for counseling this week so that I can concentrate on my writing for a change.
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