13. Practicing God's Presence 24/7 by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark

My best friend had this laying on her ottoman when I went to visit her on Wednesday. She started describing all the things she was learning, and I said, "That sounds like Theophostic Prayer Ministry!"  I am trained in Theophostic and do this kind of ministry in my home, but I have observed that lack of forgiveness is the biggest stumbling block to people experiencing His presence, and I think this little book helps bridge that gap and the weakness in Theophostic!

I read Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence very early on in my discipleship journey. I say "discipleship" journey because I became a believer at 10 years of age, but I really did not grow as a disciple until I was 20. That was around the time I read Brother Lawrence's book (Late 70's or early 80's). I distinctly remember having a negative encounter with someone at a basketball game, and while coming home I asked God to speak truth to me, allow me to forgive that person with His forgiveness, and teach me to dwell in His presence 24/7 like Brother Lawrence.

That has been my lifelong passion, and it has had its ups and downs, but I feel like God is making it more and more real to me everyday. It is my passion for others to live this kind of life. In fact, I try to have all the girls I disciple read Brother Lawrence (and Frank Laubach's Letters by a Modern Mystic). Now, I think I will add this book to the list! 

Favorite quote: "Forgiveness is a supernatural, divine exchange: Christ in exchange for our pain."

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