Freewrite Five

This will be a quick free write to get my fingers moving for the day. I have had some busy mornings lately. So my writing time has been cut into pretty severely, but that is OK because I am still trying to save my back.

Speaking of my back. HALLELUJAH! I really do think I am out of the woods after three steps forward and two steps back for three years. BEST decision was to stop going to personal trainers and go to a physical therapist. I have been on the road to recovery. I did have one little slip, but it wasn't due to anything stupid other than sitting too long in a counseling session. I am going to only one hour sessions from now on. I just cannot do the long sessions (that one was three hours, and I started feeling it after 1 1/2 hours). 

I added my Bad Back Book exercise that dovetail nicely with Logans fabulous four exercises. It is doing more to limber me up in the morning. I didn't do them the other day and sat for an hour before I got up. My S-I joint had settled into its familiar place. So, I did the limbering exercises from the BBB, and I was better in no time. Now, I have my exercises posted in the living room, desk, and two places in my bedroom (for standing up and floor exercises). All of them take me about 20 minutes in the morning and about 5 minutes at night. Well worth the sacrifice.

Combine this with a monthly massage and chiropractic check, and I am good to go. Oh, I am switching the massages to every six weeks now because I am doing so well. I have one tomorrow. YAY!

Time is up. On to Acts 15.
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