A Few Minutes to Write

I woke up very early, and I wished I would have gotten up, but I forced myself back to a semi-sleep until 6:30.  Michael had oral surgery at 8:00 am in only 38 minutes yesterday and didn't even need to take the heavy duty pain meds, just ibuprofen for inflammation.  He did great!

After that I came back and got my house ready for another Christmas tea with Lisa. I had to make more scones and Christmas ribbon sandwiches, but it was lovely. In the fact, I had a very relational day from 11:45 - 10:15 pm with three different friends coming and going. It was good. Christmas tea and prayer are two very good things, and I had lots of both.

I'm sipping chai in my Donovan's Pottery red-glazed cup. It is festive and Christmas-like. I have loved this season. I love my new Christmas tea pot and cups that match my grandmother's and Christmas tea cozy. Donna also brought me a Christmas colored apron for a hostess gift! So great!

Well, I am off to have time with God. So strange to be at the crucifixion in my gospel reading time when I am at His birth in the season!

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