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100 Great Books

My next challenge!


  1. Aeneid – Virgil
  2. All Quiet on the Western Front – Remarque
  3. All the King’s Men – Warren
  4. Animal Farm – Orwell (read)
  5. As I Lay Dying – Faulkner
  6. As You Like It – Shakespeare
  7. The Awakening – Chopin
  8. Beowulf
  9. Bill Budd – Melville
  10. The Bluest Eyes – Morrison
  11. Brave New World – Huxley
  12. The Call of the Wild – London
  13. Candide – Voltaire
  14. The Canterbury Tales – Chaucer
  15. Catch22 – Heller
  16. The Color Purple – Walker
  17. Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky
  18. The Crucible – Miller
  19. Daisy Miller – James
  20. David Copperfield – Dickens
  21. Death of a Salesman – Miller
  22. Diary of a Young Girl – Frank
  23. Inferno – Dante
  24. Doctor Faustus – Marlowe
  25. A Doll’s House – Ibsen
  26. Don Quixote – Cervantes
  27. Ethan Frome – Wharton
  28. Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo – Plato
  29. A Farewell to Arms – Hemingway
  30. Faust: Parts 1 and 2 – Goethe
  31. For Whom the Bell Tolls – Hemingway
  32. Frankenstein – Shelly (read)
  33. The Glass Menagerie – Williams
  34. The Good Earth – Buck
  35. The Grapes of Wrath – Steinbeck
  36. Great Expectations – Dickens (read)
  37. The Great Gatsby – Fitzgerald
  38. Gulliver’s Travels – Swift
  39. Hamlet – Shakespeare
  40. Hard Times – Dickens
  41. Heart of Darkness – Conrad
  42. Henry IV, Part 1 – Shakespeare
  43. House Made of Dawn – Momaday
  44. The House of Seven Gables – Hawthorne (read)
  45. Huckleberry Finn – Twain
  46. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Angelou
  47. Iliad – Homer
  48. Invisible Man – Ellison
  49. Jane Eyre – Bronte (read - I think?)
  50. The Joy Luck Club – Tan
  51. Julius Caesar – Shakespeare
  52. The Jungle – Sinclair
  53. King Lear – Shakespeare
  54. Light in August – Faulkner
  55. Lord Jim – Conrad
  56. The Lord of the Flies – Golding
  57. The Lord of the Rings – Tolkien
  58. Macbeth – Shakespeare
  59. Madame Bovary – Flaubert (read)
  60. The Major of Casterbridge – Hardy
  61. The Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare
  62. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespeare
  63. Moby-Dick – Melville
  64. Native Son – Wright
  65. 1984 – Orwell (read)
  66. Odyssey – Homer
  67. The Oedipus Trilogy – Sophocles
  68. Of Mice and Men – Steinbeck
  69. The Old Man and the Sea – Hemingway
  70. Oliver Twist – Dickens
  71. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Kesey
  72. Othello – Shakespeare
  73. Paradise Lost – Milton (reading now)
  74. The Pearl – Steinbeck
  75. The Plague – Camus
  76. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Joyce (read)
  77. Pride and Prejudice – Austen (read)
  78. The Prince – Machiavelli
  79. The Red Badge of Courage – Crane
  80. Republic – Plato
  81. The Return of the Native – Hardy (read)
  82. Richard III – Shakespeare
  83. Romeo and Juliet – Shakespeare
  84. The Scarlet Letter – Hawthorne
  85. A Separate Peace – Knowles
  86. Silas Marner – Eliot (read)
  87. Sons and Lovers – Lawrence
  88. The Sound and the Fury – Faulkner
  89. Steppenwolf – Hesse
  90. The Stranger – Camus (read)
  91. The Sun Also Rises – Hemingway
  92. The Taming of the Shrew – Shakespeare
  93. The Tempest – Shakespeare
  94. Tess of the D’Urbervilles – Hardy
  95. Their Eyes Were Watching God – Hurston (will read)
  96. Tom Sawyer – Twain
  97. Treasure Island – Stevenson (read)
  98. Twelfth Night – Shakespeare
  99. Waiting for Godot – Beckett
  100. Walden – Thoreau
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