Sunday Morning Peace

I knew the weekend would be packed with people and parties. So, I decided on Thursday night that this would be a morning to be alone with You.

I have no doubt that You are present here. I don't even have Christmas music playing. The silence is comforting. My heart is stirring as I sit here and love my life.

Luke is in the hospital, and I bow in prayer for his safe recovery. Lord, surround him with Your love and comfort as he is in a strange hospital in a foreign country without his mom by his side. Be his comfort and joy this day (or 7:55 pm Sunday night Morocco time).

Be Elizabeth's comfort and joy as she spends her last Sunday at her church before she goes to India on Tuesday. I will miss her so much. The good-bye is bitter-sweet. Corvallis will have a hold, but India and her sister and brother in law will gain a treasure. You know that they need her more than we do.

No doubt in my mind You are present as my fingers go across the keyboard. I have become so comfortable with typing my thoughts. I enjoy writing them too though.

Be Rebekah's comfort and joy as she prepares to leave for Singapore while still grieving the loss of her precious mother. I love her. Wish I could have gone to Salem to the funeral, but I had to be here in Corvallis that day.  You knew that.

Oh be the comfort and joy of two unnamed friends who are struggling. So many tears were shed before my eyes this week. I can offer them your comfort and joy through prayer. May they encounter You today. May they be confronted with Your majesty this minute. Both need clarity and wisdom beyond words. I love them both so much.

Praising You for a lovely family. Travel down to Eugene and back yesterday was lovely. Most families have the most tension in the car, but we love the quality time together. Laughed. Loved that two teenagers would want to go to The Nutcracker to satisfy the 20 year desire of a mom who did The Nutcracker when the almost 20 year old was in her womb. I think they liked it. I sure did!  If for nothing else, five and a half hours of time with my favorite people in the world.  Thank You for that gift.

The quiet will be shattered in about 1/2 hour. I hope I used the time well. I like the alone time even though I love the people time.  Balance is always necessary for me though.
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