Wednesday Reflections

I have so many things to do today. They are things that I usually ignore for the whole year, but I open up the week between Christmas and New Year as a time to select, print, and scrapbook for the boys' albums, our Christmas album, and just print photos and put them in sleeves for family pictures. The hard part is that I have not been doing it consistently for the past four years. 2007 was such a huge picture year that I haven't gotten past it. Last year, I made photo books and most of 2007 Christmas. Why didn't I do the whole holiday? Maybe I decided not to do the later pictures or maybe I didn't because I have them in my 365 book already? I can't remember from year to year what decisions I have made.  If I would just do this a little bit each week, I would remember where I left off, but each day during the year is so busy.

I also don't know when I should make the switch to digital for the boys' books. I told them maybe I should stop scrapbooking, and they said, "No, you should keep doing it."  That surprised me because they have never seemed to care that I do it for them.  I want them to leave our house with a memory book to have of their childhood. It has been a labor of love. But here is the rub: I want to switch to digital, but I don't know when they breaking point will be when I run out of stuff for the in-my-hand scrapbooks. I want to make a natural break, and I thought it would be high school, but I realized that I might have to buy a whole new book for Paul's middle school. So, should I switch to Paul for middle school? But I already printed pictures through the fall of 7th grade for him. So, that seems very inefficient since I would only have to scrapbook for 1 1/2 years after that. I know it is stupid to even think about it, but I have considered this my labor of love for my boys. I know they will appreciate it when they are older (and from the reaction last night when I asked them if I should stop it all together, they seem to appreciate it now).

I do love looking at photos of their childhoods. They were the cutest! Of course I am prejudice, but they were fine children, and they have grown into fine young men. We love being around them, and the flow of our conversations (and even conflict) is really lovely and healthy.  We went out to dinner with gift cards given to us by Sue Thompson, and it was really nice. We don't go out to dinner that often, and I don't know why we don't.

I will say that I need to get back to work, but I want to do Job 31 for the Bible Book Club first. I don't like being away for too long.  I so enjoyed my Gospel Harmony Book Club reflections before Christmas, and I hope to continue them once King's Day comes around. :)

Well, I think there is only about 2 minutes left on my 15 minute timer. This warmed up my fingers for writing about Job 31 this morning. Then, it is on to the photo labor of love for this lovely crew below!

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