For some reason, I can't sleep. So, I am typing away. I was supposed to have a full Sabbath day, and I did pretty well other than the long hike I took with some friends, but I need more.

I was with people though the whole weekend, and I am sort of peopled out after that. I need to refuel. Some of the news I heard over the weekend was a little unnerving, but I did let that go, and I just chose to pray for parties involved (not any problems with me, just those around me, disturbed by some people's choices). 

Tomorrow, I have dial-a-book, piano, meeting with the R & B, and S & D. 
Thursday, I have Valentina and Pieter, Jane, testing for Paul with Marguerite, and family dinner and discipleship. 
Friday, Elizabeth, looking at houses, and Buck's party here
Saturday, I meet with Ginny and Lorraine. Then up to Newberg to see mom with the family. 
I look forward to church on Sunday since I haven't been in a few weeks. I think there is a Grad Party that day too. 

I want to create a little bit of space for myself right now. :)

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