2391 pages to go!!!

I got Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy on Kindle for 1.99. So, I have been listening while I clean and run errands and workout. So that has helped this book come along. The only other one on Kindle is Roll, Jordan, Roll. Since it is the longest of all the books, I may bite the bullet and get that on Kindle at 12.00. I wonder if I could do this "borrowing thing" that Melinda keeps telling me about. 

I am just reading slowly. Trying to do at least 25 pages a day. I think finishing by my 52 birthday would be really cool! A double celebration for me. That would be 31 pages a day, and I think that is doable based on my scheduled activities over the next 78 days, but if I extended it to my time up in Seattle for the Animation Immersion program, I would get a lot more read (up and back listening to Kindle and four hours waiting for boys at various coffee shops in Redmond). So, that will be August 2 if Paul does not do Driver's Education. I have to think through all of that for a bit. The summer activities are fluid for me. :)

The actual anniversary of starting the Well-Educated Mind journey is August 16th according to when I received the book from Amazon in 2003. So that would be 24.55 pages per day in 98 days. :)

MODERN (1850 – present)
1860 Civilization of Renaissance Burckhardt 351 -  151 = 200 pages
1904 Protestant Work Ethic & Spirit of Capitalism Weber (May 5, 2011)
1938 The New England Mind Miller 485 - 20 = 465 pages
1973 The Gulag Archipelago (only Autobiography left) 472 pages
1974 Roll, Jordan, Roll Genovese 665 pages
1987 All the President's Men Woodward & Bernstein (March 23, 2011)
1990 A Midwife's Tale Ballard 352 - 102 =  250 pages
1992 The End of History & the Last Man Fukuyama 339 pages
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