A Very Satisfying Day

My day was sweet. I had time with God in the morning. Then I spent a couple of hours preparing for my time with Noha at 11 a.m. She didn't get the baby down until 12:30, but I had fun and "goofed off" while I waited. We spent from 12:30 to 3:00 pm looking at the story of Adam in both the Quran and the Bible. It was stimulating conversation, and she knows her stuff!

I walked home from her house so happy. So filled with the wonder and presence of God. George was working at home, and we debriefed on my time and also talked about painting the house. I looks like his cousin, Jim, and his friend are going to paint the house and even redo the front door. It will be so nice to have them working here this summer. They are fine and upstanding men, and we can even let them stay here if they want. Since they are coming from Oregon City.

After talking with George, I worked on the Bible Book Club post for 2 Corinthians 5. What a discipline this blog has been for me! I love it. This chapter is about our temporary tent and our heavenly dwelling and having a ministry of reconciliation as we wait for our heavenly home. I paid tribute to Helene in the reflection section of the post. I scanned pictures of her and Collette (former roommates). It was lovely.

I took a walk around the block and then the Jesus Community came. We had 11, and that was a perfect number of people. George did an excellent job of leading, and Andrew led worship  and then all shared a "Spiritual Potluck."  People were so open and honest and the prayer was very sweet.

Then, I finished my tribute for Helene and emailed the link to her sister. I woke up this morning to a very nice thank you from her.  That was nice.

Of course I got to bet too late because I was still buzzed from the day. I did exercises and watched a show. Then, I read Hitler.

Fulfilling day all the way. Thank you God.
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