Good Decisions

I have had some really good days this week.

Monday - concentrated prayer morning going through the Amazing Grace book in the am and Bible Book Club posts in the afternoon. All because my wonderful husband took the boys out and picked them up from their Engineering Academy at LBCC!

Tuesday - Prep for and study in the story of Noah with Noha in the am and piano, walk, visit with Amanda in the afternoon. Then, a great discussion with Samira, Fereshte, Shelly, and Kirsten about Galatians 3 in the early evening followed by Yogurt Extreme with Kirsten and Shelly until late at night.

Wednesday - Soaking in Galatians 3 at Sunnyside Up in the am. Delivering books and shopping in the pm. Dinner and discipleship with Jennifer and Jesus Community with the "guys" in the evening.

Thursday - Walking to Coffee Culture while Valentina and Pieter cleaned my whole house (the splurge because of my back problems) and soaking in Galatians 4 for hours. Coming home and soaking more in Galatians 5 & 6. Now, I am going to ride my bike over to campus to walk with Michele for about an hour.

This week has been very good.

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