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Continued Peace

Well-Adjusted Heart

Today was an extraordinarily good day for me. I think I am growing in my ability to move on from tough situations and to trust that God will work it all out. 

When there are many words, 
transgression is unavoidable, 
But he who restrains his lips is wise.
Proverbs 10:19 (NASB95)

Thus, the peace has been maintained in my heart and life. Sometimes you just have to stop the insanity, and it was definitely heading that way. I don't think a face-to-face meeting would have been productive. Wisdom says to stop the words and move on. That is what we did, and it did die down. I am not responsible for the emotional filter of another person, and Ginny strongly encouraged me to not take criticism for things I am not guilty of. I am responsible with how I handle it from now on. If I continue to not be sensitive to the filter, then I have a problem because I am not responding to what I now know.  I had hoped for an extension of grace this one time, but the attacks were pretty strong for a twenty-four hour period. I do think I learned some valuable lessons, and I won't make the same mistake twice. 

I really am at peace. There is no doubt, and I look forward to a good summer of more low-key things going on: Iranian women's study on Monday night, Noha on Tuesday morning, Jesus Community on Tuesday night, Dial-a-Book and piano every other Wednesday, Salma the Saudi on Thursday afternoons, and hopefully starting up with Nourieh in the book of John again. . Those are my only set commitments.  I decided I won't go to the Iranian Study on the nights I have a meeting with the elder's wives. I need that time with older ladies, and it doesn't work for me to come after the study.  

Well-Educated Mind

I will continue with the Well-Educated Mind reading, but I am thinking of not setting myself up for stress by trying to complete all 22 remaining books this summer. I could definitely do it, but why?  I don't have to. There is no deadline, and I would rather do it at a slower pace and enjoy more time being outdoors and enjoying good family and friends. So, I will just go at a slow pace and see where I end up at the end of the summer.  I am also going to read Adler's How to Read A Book and watch The Art of Reading DVD series too. That will be really good. 

Well-Watered Soul

The Bible Book Club continues to be such a blessing to me. The middle of next week will mark 30,000 visits to the site since January of 2008. I love the discipline of everyday synthesis of the Scriptures. Becky and Katrina have really lifted the load too, and I am thankful for their trustworthy posts. 

One thing I had hoped to do this summer is the updated Theophostic Training, but I don't think I can with my others commitments and a desire to be more low-key. So, I am going to pass on that this summer.

Well-tuned Body

The last few days have been really good workout-wise. I haven't had back pain from them. I still can't go 100%, and I am definitely not going to do Pilates for a while. I like the elliptical/walks/weights routine and will stick with that through the summer. I need to be wise.

Eating is much better too. I am on the road to dropping the 15 I gained after my surgery due to the inactivity. So, I am feeling very good about that.

Now I am going to finish up my BBC post and get to bed. 

Oh, Michael got an "A" in both his college classes this term!
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